Insulation Products

We can provide the materials, in addition to fitting insulation for you!

All forms of insulation products

We supply all forms of insulation products for industrial, commercial or private premises.

Materials available include acoustic insulation, insulation for pipework, plus flexible insulation jackets for valves, flanges and pumps.

Wherever you are based in the UK, we can provide you with the materials you need.


Products available for you

Foil pipe sections

For copper and steel pipework in HVAC applications.

Duct wraps and slabs

Ideal for thermal insulation of rectangular, flat, oval or circular metal ducts.

Crimp wrap

Foil faced insulation roll with increased compression resistance for ducts, tanks and large diameter pipes.

Acoustic insulation

Designed to control noise break-out from rectangular or circular duct work and pipes.

Benefits of purchasing from Thermal Insulation Co. Ltd

  • We know exactly what you need
  • Save time
  • Be confident in making the right choice
  • Top quality materials
  • Reasonably priced
  • We can supply and install it for you