Flexible Insulation Jackets

Insulation Jackets

Do you need help with challenging insulation situations?

Our flexible insulation jackets can provide an adaptable insulation solution.

How can flexible insulation jackets help you?

There are certain parts of your physical infrastructure that you may find it difficult to effectively insulate. Valves, flanges and pumps are just some of the items that need to be maintained on a regular basis. This means that fixed insulation is not ideal as it’s costly and time consuming to remove every time checks and servicing are carried out.

Flexible insulation jackets can be used in these situations. Call us and we’ll discuss your requirements with you.

How does a flexible insulation jacket work?

If you’ve established that you have a situation where fixed insulation is impractical, fitting a flexible insulation jacket offers you a solution to the issue. These items, which are also known as blankets and covers, can be easily fitted and removed as necessary. You can just remove the insulation jacket if you need access to a valve or flange, then replace it after any inspection or work is completed. Thermal Insulation Co. Ltd can help with the supply and fitting of insulation jackets.